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Fishing Rods; Types of Fishing Rods and an Overview of their features

Fishing Rods; Types of Fishing Rods and an Overview of their features

Fishing Rods; Types of Fishing Rods and an Overview of their features

Some anglers overkill it when they are fishing with all the fishing tackle they bring and think they need. However, you cannot really go fishing unless you have a fishing rod. Fishing rods come in many variations and sizes. Here we are going to look at all the main fishing rods there is for different types of fishing and see why these fishing rods are the way they are. The main type of Fishing rods is:

  • Spinning rods or Spin Fishing Rods
  • Baitcasting Rods
  • Surf Rods or Sea fishing rods
  • Telescopic fishing rods
  • Fly fishing rods
  • Kids fishing rods
  • Coarse fishing rods


Spinning rods or Spin Fishing Rods

Spinning rods are the most common fishing rods you will see. This is because they are quite a versatile fishing rod as you can catch a variety of sized fish on them as well as cast them from a boat or a kayak. They are good for casting lures as well. You can see our spinning reels as well to make up a good combo. Spinning rods are generally a bit cheaper than other rods. You can see our Spinning rods here.


Robinson Master Spinning Rod


Baitcasting Rods

Baitcasting Fishing rods are far more accurate that spinning rods. You need to be more than a novice fisherman for when using baitcasting fishing rods. A Bait casting rod and reel combo comes with a baitcast reel. You can see the difference in the baitcasting reel below.




Surf Rods or Seafishing Rods

These are great for fishing in the surf of the sea. These can rods can get extremely long, to allow the surf fisher to reach into some depth when fishing. The surf fishing rod must get just past the wave’s surf as this is where the fish are feeding. Click here to see our sea fishing rods.

 Sea Fishing Rods or Surf Rods

Telescopic Fishing Rods

Telescopic rods are fishing rods that collapse into several pieces. These rods tend to be used more by the casual fisherman or angling man or woman. They can pack away nicely and can fit in your car or on your back in a backpack.


Fly Fishing Rods

Fly fishing rods or fly rods are especially designed for fly fishermen of fly anglers. Fly fishing is different than any other type of fishing. Here the fisherman is trying to mimic a species on which the fly feed on. You can see our fly fishing rods here. Here you can see our fly fishing rods.

Fly Fishing Rod



Coarse Fishing rods

In recent years, coarse anglers are opting to use fishing poles instead of the traditional coarse fishing rods. Each to their own we say, but we do stock both fishing poles and traditional feeder rods. Your Coarse fishing rod generally consists of your Rod blanks or rod tubular sections. Then you have your fishing rod guides. These are the rings that attach your thread line from the reel to the tip of the rod. You use your real seat to slip your coarse fishing reel into. Then you have your handle of the fishing rod. This is usually made out of EVA or Cork. Click here to see our coarse fishing rods