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Fishing Waders and Considerations Before buying

Fishing Waders and Considerations Before buying

Fishing Waders 

Fishing Waders have come a long way since what they used to be.  Fly fishing waders used to be something like Cuba Gooding Jnr wore in Men of Honour. But now there is a huge selection of Waders available to the regular angler.  Hip Waders, Thigh Waders, Chest Waders, Breathable Waders, Bootfoot Waders, Stockingfoot Waders, Neoprene Waders! There are more fishing waders than you can shake a stick at. But one thing all anglers know, you shouldn’t go cheap on fishing waders. Cheap waders always end up leaking, ripping or tearing. You should get a good quality wader that will last you a couple of years. Lets look at some key features of Good quality fishing waders.


Breathable Waders

Waders should be breathable. For this reason, you should try avoid nylon or rubber waders. You must allow your sweat or perspiration to escape the inside of your waders and at the same time stop water entering the wader. Gore-tex, dri plus or other materials allow this breathability.


Stockingfoot Waders or Bootfoot Waders

Stockingfoot waders are more versatile than bootfoot waders. But sometimes Bootfoot waders can be more cost effective than Stockingfoot as you will have to go and buy Wading boots with stockingfoot waders. Waders and Wellies are a good combination if you are going with stockingfoot waders.


Light Waders

For good uninhibited movement, you should try and buy light waders. This is for ease of movement obviously. If you are going fishing for long periods in hot weather, you don’t want to be in a big heavy rigid pair of chest waders and wellingtons all day.


Insulated Waders

Depending on the climate you are in when you are fishing, insulation matters. If you are in the water for long periods, the temperature inside your body will drop slowly. So you need to be insulated waders to maintain body temperature.


Neoprene Waders

Neoprene waders are better waders in colder weather and colder water. This is because Neoprene Waders come in different levels of thickness to suit for different levels of temperature. Obviously, you should look to the Neoprene Waders with a heavier thickness when you are fishing in colder temperatures.


Chest Waders Vs Hip Wader Vs Thigh Waders

When purchasing your fishing waders, you must know the depths in which you plan on fishing in. This will impact the length of type of fishing waders you get. Chest Waders being the longest, then Hip waders or wading pants and then Thigh Waders. Chest Waders are the overall best value as it does not limit you to only staying dry in shallow water.


What Waders should you buy considering all this information? Here have a look for yourself in our Waders section. We also have Wading boots, and other fishing clothing available.