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How to get a gun license in ireland 2021

How to get a Gun License in Ireland 2021

How to get a Gun License in Ireland 2021

 Get a Gun license off the Gardai

There is a small process for getting a firearm license in Ireland and it is generally quite easy if there are no complications like previous convictions or unresolved judicial matters. So here is a step-by-step guide on how to get your gun license in Ireland, 2021.


The Gun & its serial Number

Every gun has a serial number, and you must know the serial number of the gun you bought or are in the process of buying. Note, you cannot buy a Gun and bring it home with you without having a firearm’s license. But you can pay for one fully, allow your firearms dealer to hold onto it until you get your license.

 Shotgun License


Firearms Competency Course

If this is your first time purchasing a firearm, you are required by law to complete and get certification for a Firearms Safety Course. Your certification is needed with your Gun license application form.


Gun Safes and Gun Storage Requirements

To purchase and have a gun legally, you must be able to store it safely when you are not using it. This means you are required to have a gun safe or a trigger lock. The requirements:

  • A breakable Shotgun: Can be stored by breaking down and separated as well as using a trigger lock.
  • Unbreakable Shotgun or Rifle or Air Rifle: A gun safe is required here.
  • More than one Gun: Gun Safe required.
  • Four Guns: Need a Gun Safe and a house alarm.
  • More than four Guns: Gun Safe and a monitored Alarm are required by law.
  • More than six Guns: Gun Safes, cameras and monitored alarm.


Gun Safe needed for Gun License


Land Permission or Gun Club Membership

If you are a member of a gun club, you need to include a copy of your membership along with your firearms application. If you are not a member of a gun club and do not own your own land, you will need written permission from a landowner to shoot on their land. Finally, if you do own your own land, you will need to state the reasons in which you want a firearm. i.e., for vermin control of animals that are killing crop or livestock.


 You need Land to shoot on for your gun license

Form FCA1

This is the Garda Firearm Application form. You need to fill this form out and give it to the Gardai. If you are applying for a license with a silencer or moderator, you need to give a validation for why you require it. To download the form click here.

 Gun License application form

Things to include with your application:

  • Two References. Make sure to tell your references before they called as well!
  • Your doctor’s details.
  • A Passport photo.


Now all you must do is sign and submit your Firearm Application to your local Garda Barracks. The approximate wait time is 4-6 weeks, depending on certain factors. Once your application is processed and it is successful, you then get issued a Firearms Certificate Grant Notice letter. You then present this at your local Post office and pay €80 fee. This license is good for 3 years per gun. The Post office will then issue your license. You then take your license to your Gun dealer in which you bought your gun from. Now they can release the gun to you! Happy Days