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Hunting Boots: What you need to consider before buying

Zamberlan Hunting and hiking boots

Factors to consider before you buy your Hunting Boots

Hunting boots are expensive but when you are purchasing your boots you should get a couple of years out a good pair. So better spend a bit of money on a good pair of durable boots than a bad pair where they rip or tear every year. Below are a list of factors you should consider before purchasing Hunting boots in Ireland.


Hunting Boot Toughness

You want a good balance between boot toughness and boot comfort. Any pair of boots should be tough enough to withstand being torn by briers but they should be comfortable enough to allow you to walk for long periods of time across multiple terrains. So ideally your hunting boot is light but tough. Here are an example of a tough hunting boot, the Grisport Hunting Boots


Grisport Hunting Boots


Hunting Boot Ventilation

Your feet sweat more than most other parts of your body, so ventilation in your boots are essential. So you need to have a breathable material in your hunting boot. Air circulation is the best option for hunting footwear. A good fitting durable pair of boots with a little bit of space and are not too tight, will allow for good ventilation in your boot. Here are the Zamberlan  163 Highland GTX Hunting boots


Zamberlan Hunting Boots


Hunting Boot Insulation

 When you are hunting, you can be static for allot of the time. This slows down your blood flow, metabolism and other body functions. This means your body can get colder, quicker. So a hunting boot with good insulation is very important to keep your feet warm in colder conditions. It's also important if you are crossing shallow streams when stalking. Rubber insulation or synthetic insulation are the most common boot insulation. Here is the Magnum Panther Boots


Magnum Hunting Boots