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Hunting Clothing, Hunting jackets, Hunting Trousers

Hunting Clothing : Getting your Hunting Gear right

Picking the right hunting clothing with Wildhunter's Hunting clothing Layer by Layer guide.

Different hunters require different hunting trousers, Hunting jackets and overall hunting clothing. For example, a hunter who is staying still for long periods of time needs different hunting clothing with someone who is moving allot and needs to stay quiet. Hunting clothing must be thought about before purchasing. Here we take a look at all the elements of when setting up your Hunting gear rig out.


Hunting Clothing Layers

  • Base Layer: Hunters who are moving a lot and they are in warmer climates, hunting clothing made from synthetic material is best. If you are in a warmer climate but your a hunter who does not move a whole lot, synthetic and cotton based hunting clothing is advised. If you are in a colder climate with high movement then a base layer made from Merino Wool is best. Low levels of activity then Cotton
  • Midlayer: Hunting fleeces or hunting tshirts are best for your mid layer depending on the warmth of the weather. A hunting fleece with a membrane is needed if you are hunting colder temperatures
  • Outer Shell: Waterproof Hunting Jacket with a breathable membrane is best. If you can get a hunting jacket that is waterproof and has padding, this suits colder climates.


Hunting Trousers

Hunting trousers should prevent rain from getting in and should also be breathable to allow you to perspire. Your hunting trousers should also be made up of a soft fabric so your hunting trousers are not noisey when you are moving. Deerhunter's Muflon Light trousers use a Deer-Tex Membrane to prevent water penetration and make them breathable 

Hunting Trousers, Deerhunter Trousers, Muflon light trousers

Hunting Jackets

Hunting Jackets provide the most protection when the weather is at its worst. This is why you should definitely purchase a waterproof jacket. If you are moving allot, you middle layers are not as important, like a hunting fleece. However if you are more stationary than moving it is important to where a thick tshirt or have a hunting fleece on under your jacket. The Verney Carron Sika Jacket is a waterproof Jacket. It is also a breathable jacket. The soft fabric from this Hunting jacket makes it a very quiet jacket.



Hunting Fleece

A hunting fleece is your middle layer and again this depends on what climate you are hunting in and how much activity or movement you are doing when hunting. A woolen jumper is good for under your Hunting jacket but if it is windy you might need a windstopper jumper. These can help prevent the wind cutting down your top or wind penetration. Pinewoods Prestwick Exclusive fleece jacket is great for this. Its made from 100% polyester, and its a 240 gram anti pilling fleece. 


Pinewood hunting fleece