Desert Eagle L6 Dual Tone - Airsoft Pistol

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Product Description

A replica of one of the most popular pistols from the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, considered by many to be the strongest semi-automatic pistol - the Desert Eagle .50AE. The replica was made of metal and plastic. Metal was used for the production of the slide and barrel, while the body and linings are made of high-quality plastic.

Desert Eagle ASG can fire both single and automatic fire . The double-sided fire selector is also a safety device that protects the user from firing an uncontrolled shot. The gun trigger works in the SA - Single Action system. Blow back

systemused in the replica perfectly imitates firing a firearm. During the operation of the bolt, the hammer is tensioned automatically after each shot, and on the way back the bolt is introduced into the chamber. When there are no BBs in the replica's magazine, the slide will be locked in the rear position.

Due to the unique design of the pistol, the sights were not mounted on the same element of the replica. The front sight was mounted on a fixed barrel, while the rear sight was mounted on a movable slide. The replica is equipped with two long RIS 22 mm mounting rails that allow for the installation of optical sights, laser sights or flashlights.

Technical data
Material: metal and plastic
Total length: 265 mm
Weight: 1100 g
Color: black
Drive: CO2
Initial speed: 340 FPS
Hop-up: yes, adjustable
Blow back: available
Magazine type: Low-cap
Magazine capacity: 21 BBs