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Product Description

The M9 is one of the most famous guns around, being used by Military and Law Enforcement, and seen in TV and movies for years. Perhaps the most famous users were John McClane (Die Hard), and Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon) - if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for you!

Manufactured by KJW, this pistol is full metal, giving a solid feel in your hand. In short, it feels like a gun should feel whenever you pick it up. Powered by Co2, this beast kicks like a mule. There is a loud bang, and a satisfying clank from the metal slide with each shot.

Based off Tokyo Marui's original design, KJW added an adjustable hop up to improve longevity out of your pistol. To access the hop up, simply remove the magazine, press the disassembly button on the right hand side of the pistol, and press the disassembly lever down (left hand side of pistol) - the slide can now slide off the frame. There are no pins to lose, making it extremely easy to look at in the field. The hop up is adjusted via small allen key at the bottom of the barrel, making it something you'll set and leave.