M9A1 Black Airsoft Pistol

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Product Description

The KJW M9 A1 is very popular among airsoft players thanks to its robust construction. The weapon can be easily dismantled for maintenance work and is largely made of metal. With the safety lever on both sides, the M9 is ideally suited for right and left handed shooters. The weapon offered here comes with a Co2 magazine, illustrated manual, quick loading device and Allen key in a stylish package. The grip scales are shaped like a Beretta and give the shooter safe handling of the weapon. The real model replaced the classic Colt 1911 as the standard pistol in the US Army in 1985. The M9A1 is the subsequently improved version of the M9 and with its approx. 1100 g it is close to the weight of the real model. As with the real M9 A1, the slide / lock is more massive and a rail was attached to attach additional equipment. Due to the heavy bolt, the gun has a crisp BlowBack. The M9 A1 has a single and double action trigger, an adjustable hop-up and of course a reliable slide catch. The trigger is pretensioned when the hammer is cocked and like the original it has hardly any resistance at the pressure point.