Mikado | Baitcasting Rod | 210cm | 40g-120g

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Product Description

Size matters - that holds true in fishing as well. Huge spin fishing lures are getting increasingly popular among anglers and fish alike. Sometimes you need a really big lure to catch a sizable fish. In order to comfortably use these big lures you need appropriate tackle. Many anglers choose casting rods. Excellence Baitcast Fight rods are made for big lures. The almost 100 gram Fishunter Goliat 22 cm won’t be a problem for them - you will be able to cast very far. And that’s only a small part of what these rods can do. The incredibly quick action means you can set the hook securely at any distance and the power reserve facilitates a smooth haul. Every angler dreams of a 100+ pike and these rods might just do the trick.