Playmate 20cm PT 50g Blossom 16pcs

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Product Description

To offer our clients the most competitive price, we have developed a soft lure bulk concept. We have used the same high-quality rubber as for our R2F, but instead of using painted colours, we have chosen some really nice injected colours. The bulk lures will not be rigged but very competitive in price.

Kinetic® Playmate 20cm,15cm and 9cm

This soft lure is made for pikes and large zanders as well as big perch. We have selected some of the most popular colours. The colours are injected. The swimming action of the Playmate is outstanding and we trust that you will agree. If you like a rolling action but still vibrant even at low speed, you will find the Playmate just right for your kind of fishing.

  • 10 popular colours
  • Rolling action
  • High quality rubber
  • Value for money