R.T. Smoke Oven Deluxe Large

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Product Description

* Once you start using a fish smoker, you will very quickly become addicted to this easy, portable, quick and delicious way of cooking, perfect for the riverbank or beach.
* Light the two meths burners, sprinkle some sawdust on the base of the smoker, add your food and put the lid on.
* That's it. There's room for two 3-lb trout, which would take about 15 minutes to cook through.
* Steak and other meats taste great cooked this way too.
* This model is stainless steel, so resists corrosion much better than cheaper imitations.
* For transport, all the components stow inside the main compartment, measuring 14x11x4" or 35.6cm x 28cm x 10cm