Rovex | Big Dog Curly Tail | Sinking | 114g | 30cm

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Product Description

Rovex Big Dog Curly Tail lures have made a name for themselves as the ultimate bigger game lure in the market today. Beautifully designed to be completely irresistible to most fish including Bass, Trout or Stripers, anglers will love the action on the retrieve that these Rovex Big Dog Curly Tails deliver. They are the epitome of everything an angler wants in a modern lure and provide outstanding performance at great value prices.

Diehard anglers have always had an affinity with Eel style lures and these Rovex Big Dog Curly Tails take them to another level altogether. The soft plastic bodies are perfect for the smoothest retrieving actions allowing the curly tail to do its job to perfection. The long curly tail itself boasts of a remarkable design that produces unparalleled wiggling action and attraction for the target fish. Functionality and convenience are paramount for any angler. Rovex Big Dog Curly Tails deliver big time.

Rovex Big Dog Curly Tail lures come in four different colours, with 300mm lengths and weigh in at 114g. Expertly designed for better results on every cast, the Rovex Big Dog Curly Tails perform on a high level even at ultra-low retrieval speeds. Rovex Big Dog Curly Tails are great for all techniques and environments. Rigged with two super sharp trebles that sink in and never let go, any fish that takes a bite is not getting loose by any means.

Raising the standard of Eel style lures as well as curly tail grubs, the Rovex Big Dog Curly Tails are just what anglers need to stand out from the crowd with the biggest catch in tow. Easy on the eye, easy on the pocket and high end operations all just speak volumes of the impressive capabilities of the Rovex Big Dog Curly Tail line of lures.