Sako Gamehead Pro 6.5 Creedmoor 130gr

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Product Description

Gamehead Pro is the latest addition to Sako's legendary range of hunting ammunition. Combining the accuracy of Sierra's MatchKing bullet with the traits of a big game hunting round, engineers have created the optimum ammunition for medium size game. Currently, Sako are the only European ammunition manufacturer which utilises Sierra's new bullet, appropriately named the "GameChanger" . Sierra took the MatchKing bullet and gave it a thicker jacket, a harder antimony lead core (3% harder) and a polymer tip; the result is a super accurate, tough, game bullet. The polymer tip and the ballistically optimized boat tail design, deliver a high ballistic coefficient and rapid expansion. It also has a great weight retention and because of the optimized jacket thickness, the bullet?s expansion is excellent, even at extended distances. Precisely engineered to withstand high muzzle velocity, Gamehead Pro has one of the highest ballistic coefficients.