Savage Gear 3D Goby Sand (16cm)

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Product Description

The Black Mouth Goby, round Goby, black Sea Goby The neogobius, was incidentally introduced into Nortern Europe via leaking water from container ships ballast tanks back in 1990, and it has quickly settled and populated the coastal regions along the Baltic Sea, from Sweden and Finland via Russia and Balticum to Poland, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

This little illegal immigrant is reproducing fast, and biologists have so far been unable to find effective solutions to the problems they’re posing!
Well Pike, Perch, Zander and Seatrout just Love them and in the Baltic region and north European rivers it is game on right now! The big predator fish thrive on them and they are an easy prey!

We made the perfect 3D Scan of a neogobius – Black Mouth Goby, caught in the brackish waters around Møn Island in Denmark and turned it into the perfect lure imitation.
The lures swims and looks just like the real thing and is perfectly designed for corkscrew rigging!
We start with the perfect snack size 16cm/62g paddle tail version in 5 perfect colors, that will cover most conditions.
2PACK of each color, with rattle slots in the tail.