Savage Gear 3D Roach Lipster 182 18.2cm 67g SF Roach PHP (62241)

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Product Description

Extremely detailed roach representation. The lure is designed to lead with stops and has a very natural action in the water. The limited articulation and TPE tail ensure excellent performance in the water and keep predators from attacking the bait. It also works well for trolling, thanks to rocking and mirroring, even at low speed. Supplied with super sharp and durable Savage Gear treble hooks.

• Live roach imitation based on 3D scanning
• Restricted V-Joint
• Soft, extremely realistic TPE tail (bite resistant)
• Slow floating - ideal for guiding with longer stops
• Great swinging action
• Medium depth range from 1 to 2.5 meters
• Wide range of tracking speeds
• Super sharp and durable Savage Gear trebles