SG 3D Roach Lipster 130 13cm 26g Roach PHP

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Product Description

Super detailed bait fish imitation, designed to produce lively and provocative swimming movements when catching up with short spin stops. The tail joint and TPE tail create strong shaking movements, resulting in large water displacement - just too much for the predators to resist. Very suitable for towing, because the rolling movements, as well as flashing flanks, even at slow speed to advantage! Of course with ultra-sharp Savage Gear Y-triplets.

- 3D Scanned Details
- Divided with V Groove
- Slow Float for Stop and Go Action
- Large Rolling Motions
- Average Depth 1 - 2.5m
- Large Speed ​​Window
- Ultra-sharp Savage Gear Y-triplets.
- Weight: 26 g