Savage Gear | 3D Twich Minnow | 5gr | 6.6cm | Lemon Back

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Product Description

Encourage predators to attack with this 6.6 cm Savage Gear wobbler, which perfectly imitates a small herring. Above all, it has perfect 3D printed details, which reflect light from the body and provoke predators with glare. It has great excitement and is also suitable for long-range casting and hunting. The body is strong, without joints and is particularly suited for shallow underwater fishing. Equipped with a paddle and a pair of sharp ST36 hooks. You can also choose a different size or color.

  • Excellent imitation of small herring
  • Precisely processed body with 3D printed details
  • Excellent irritating action and provoking glare
  • Solid body without joint
  • Equipped with a paddle and a pair of treble hooks
  • Length 6.6 cm, weight 5 g
  • Also available in other sizes and colors