Turboflame Mini Blow Torch

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The Turboflame Military lighter shouldn’t be missing from any survival kit. The compact turboflame lighter works regardless of (almost) all circumstances. Wind, cold and thin air won’t hold this lighter back. It is an indispensable tool for all your outdoor activities!

Because the lighter also works upside down it is perfect to light candles, camping burners or a Skottelbraai. Paracord enthusiasts use it to melt it together the ends.

A rubber cap protects the lighter when it is not being used. Losing the cap won’t be possible because of the chain. A small switch enables you to block the lighter and make it burn constantly. As such the lighter can be used for approximately ten minutes.

The casing of the Military has been enhanced with a soft rubber coating. This coating protects the lighter and increases the grip. Perfect for when you have cold hands or are wearing gloves!

Please note:vent the lighter before filling it with butane gas! The lighter is empty when delivered. Check out the instruction video to learn more about how to fill the lighter.

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