Well | L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Scope & Bipod

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Product Description

The L96 is widely recognised as the first purpose-built sniper's rifle, rather than a rife adapted for use with snipers. This, combined with its iconic shape, makes it instantly recognisabe.

The thumb-hole stock is exceptionally comfortable when lying prone, allowing you to rest your hand as you find your target. The built in cheek rest can be raised/lowered to find the position most comfortable for the shooter, and the stock can be shortened by removing buffers from the stock.

Manufactured by WELL, this variant has everything the budding sniper needs - you get your L96 AWS rifle, 3-9x40 sniper scope, and foldable metal bipod (complete with quick-detach RIS adapter). Setting it up is simple - attach the bipod to the RIS block at the end of the rifle, and if you want to remove it, simply press the quick-release button at the bottom, and slide the adapter off. For the scope, all you have to do is loosen the bolts on the scope rings, slot it into place and tighten it back up. The scope will need to be zeroed (adjusted) at the distance you plan on shooting at - adjust it for windage & elevation and get your target every time!

The WELL L96 AWS is a reasonably quiet rifle, with a low noise profile, making it difficult to find the shooter...ideal for playing airsoft.


Length 1150mm
Weight 2.2kg
Power <1 Joule
Fire Mode Bolt Action
Power Source Spring
Mag Capacity 23 BB's
Colour Black