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Best Pike Fishing Lures

Best Pike Fishing Lures

 Types of Pike Fishing Lures

Pike fishing lures come in a dazzling array of designs and materials, each meticulously crafted to entice the voracious appetite of the northern predator. From the classic spoons and spinners to the intricately detailed swimbaits and soft plastics, these lures cater to every angler's preference and fishing condition. Often adorned with vibrant colors and lifelike patterns, these lures mimic the appearance and movements of natural prey, triggering aggressive strikes from lurking pike. Whether it's the erratic wobble of a crankbait, the tantalizing flutter of a jerkbait, or the subtle undulations of a soft plastic, each lure offers its own unique allure, promising heart-pounding battles and exhilarating catches for those who dare to challenge the waters where the mighty pike roam. Here are Harry’s Top 5 Pike Fishing Lures:


#5 Jerkfly Fly Spinning Lure

Jerkfly Spinning Pike Lure


Jerkfly 25cm is designed for anglers who deliberately hunt the largest predators. Slowly sinking, it is particularly suitable for fishing the water layers up to a depth of 4m. Slow guiding with longer pauses is the most effective method of fishing underwater meadows, where the thickest „mummies” lurk. The hair ripples majestically and the rubber tail additionally „stirs” the water, which makes it irresistible to any pike. An additional advantage are the interchangeable rubber tails, which can be quickly replaced.

JerkFly 25cm lure characteristics:

  • Slow sinking version
  • Length: 25cm
  • Weight: 40g
  • Anchors: 2x 2/0 anchor
  • Working depth: 0,50-4m


#4 Strike Pro Sinking Guppie

Strike Pro Guppie

Strike Pro Guppies, crafted by industry leader Strike Pro, are versatile and lifelike fishing lures designed to mimic baitfish with stunning realism. These lures are highly effective in enticing a wide range of predatory fish species including bass, pike, walleye, and trout. Available in various sizes, colors, and diving depths, Strike Pro Guppies cater to different fishing conditions and preferences. With their durable construction, premium hooks, and realistic swimming action, they consistently trigger aggressive strikes from hungry predators. Whether you're fishing in lakes, rivers, or streams, Strike Pro Guppies are a trusted choice for anglers of all levels. Elevate your fishing game with these top-quality lures from Strike Pro.


#3 Savage Gear 4D Linethru Trout Slow Sinking 180g 25cm

Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Trout

With incredibly detailed Photo Chrome skin print and a strike enticing scent, we have created the 4th dimension with our 4D Line Thru trout. This lure is just so lifelike that the predator fish won’t be able to resist making a fully committed attack when they see it. Each lure colour has been extensive designed, tested and fine-tuned to perfection, and the added scent will give you the edge when conditions are tough. 

The lure is designed with a larger Line Thru channel, making it easier to change the trace – it comes pre-rigged with the Carbon49 wire trace, mounted with the line modifier clip. The lure has a realistic s-curve swimming action that only adds to the overall realism of this incredible lure.


 #2 Westin Swim Glide bait Sinking 15cm 115g

Westin Swimbait Pike Fishing Lure


The original Westin Swim Glide bait is a well established favorite amongst the pro guides, who are confident that all of their clients can easily cast and catch fish with it – it’s as simple as that! You can fish this multi-purpose bait with “pull and wind” or on a steady retrieve, slow or fast, to create the action of a wounded, panicking baitfish and the panic can be increased with faster retrieves and regular pauses. As soon as the reel starts turning the unique S-curve swimming action of the Westin Swim will give you the very best odds. A wide selection of sizes, sink rates and proven colors makes the Swim a versatile fish-catching machine. Westin Swim – your secret weapon.


 #1 Miuras Mouse Big 23cm 95g

Miuras Mouse Pike Fishing Lure

Miuras Mouse is an unique blend of bucktail and a plastic tail providing a swimming action during retrieve that is an almost irresistible target for a hungry pike.

You can fish the Miuras Mouse extremely slow and maintain exceptional control even during windy conditions and fast drift fishing with the boat.

Another important feature of the Miuras Mouse is the ability to move a lot of water. This combination gives Miuras Mouse an unequaled big fish catching ability - especially when the fishing is slow and in pressured waters.


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