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How to choose the Best Hunting Jacket for you?

How to choose the Best Hunting Jacket for you?

What to consider when buying your Hunting Jacket

When looking for the best hunting jacket in Ireland, how do you decide what is the best for you? Your hunting clothing should keep you well insulated and also give you protection against the wind and moisture (especially in this country). Your clothing when out in the elements should also have functionality with a number of zipped and/or button pockets to carry any extra gear. There are some jackets that look the part but provide very little protection against the elements. When considering the following, take note of the type of hunting you do, and the style of hunter you are. Are you more active or more static? Anyways, let’s have a look at the main things we look for when choosing a hunting Jacket.

  • Temperature

  • Breathability

  • Durability

  • Functionality



Choosing the right Hunting Jacket


Although Ireland is quite temperamental when it comes to the weather, there are two scenarios that are very likely; it’s probably going to rain and wind is quite probable too. So we want to make sure that any Hunting jacket we might choose is going to keep you warm and is also waterproof. You don’t want an early shower in the morning keeping you damp all day and you end up having a cold. So a waterproof jacket is a must, and one that keeps you well insulated. Check out this Ridgeline jacket, it has great waterpoof material.



I know we said above that a Hunting Jacket that keeps you well insulated is a must, but that jacket must also be breathable. A breathable jacket uses fabric that allows sweat in the form of water vapour escape from the inside of the fabric to the outside. Much of this depends on the type of hunter you are. If you tend to be more static then you want to look for a Jacket that’s fabric is made more with waterproof material than breathable material. However if you tend to move more and find yourself in bucket’s of sweat, a Hunting jacket with good breathable components might be best.



Hunting Jackets Ireland



At the end of the day, when we are out stalking Deer or duck shooting, any hunting jacket that is worth spending money on must be durable. Walking through thorny bushes and rubbing off tree’s wears fabrics down, so the fabric your jacket is made out of must be of durable standard. One thing that will help you get some extra time out of your Hunting Jacket is to look at the manufacturers recommendations and follow them to ensure your Jackets performance.



Finally it’s functionality, and when we think of what functionality do we need when choosing a hunting jacket, we think of fit, pockets and its ability to be silent. For fit, you need to be comfortable and your jacket shouldn’t be too tight where it hinders movement or too loose where it is getting snagged on everything. For Pockets, you need enough pockets to carry all your extra bits like maybe your radio, your gloves, mouth callers, loops, rounds or what not. When it comes to your jackets ability to be silent; you want to make sure the material that the hunting jacket is made from a material that when rubbing off itself or trees etc., it doesnt make too much noise. Of course this is more important when stalking that on a horse or a drive.


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