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New UK Pike Fishing Record

New UK Pike Fishing Record

UK Pike Fishing Record Broken

The British record for the heaviest Pike was beaten in February 2024, with a new record breaking 47lb 5oz or 21.4kg Pike. The Pike was caught by angler Lloyd Watson in Chew Valley Lake, North Somerset. The previous record for the heaviest Pike was 46lb 13oz (21.2kg) which was set by Roy Lewis. His catch was from Llandegfedd reservoir in Monmoutshire.


Pike Fishing Mecca

“Pike Fishing Mecca” is how Lloyd referred to his catch. His angling friends help Lloyd weigh and take pictures with the Pike. He then carefully released the record breaking Pike back into the water. Lloyd was in disbelief as he has now become the subject of some unexpected stardom. “I've got people from all over the world messaging me, wanting interviews"


UK Pike Fishing Record


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