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Trout fishing Lures in Ireland

Trout Lures Ireland; Our Top 5 Trout Lures

Our Top Five Trout Lures for fishing in Ireland

With Trout fishing season starting in most lakes and rivers in Ireland over the next few weeks, most of you will be looking for Trout Lures for your days out. Many anglers will already have their Trout lures, landing nets and trout fishing tackle all shining and ready to use, but for those who are looking for new Lures to add to their fishing tackle collection when fishing for trout we have compiled a list of Trout fishing lures that we think our must haves. To break it down, here are the Trout Lures we will be looking at:


  • Rapala | Countdown Sinking Lure | 5g | 5cm
  • Siek | Skiper Lure | 7cm
  • Ryuki | 80S | Spearhead
  • Dorado | Classic Floating Lure | 5cm | BKK Hooks
  • Westin | BuzzBite Crankbait | 4cm | 4g


Rapala | Countdown Sinking Lure | 5g | 5cm

Rapala Trout Fishing Lure In Ireland
Any Trout angler is knows the Rapala countdown series. The legendary Rapala Countdown lure was introduced back in the 60s and is still included among the favorites of professional and casual anglers alike. The gravity defying body of the Countdown sinks, at a foot per second, to your desired depth allowing you to repeatedly reach and retrieve without rising out of the strike zone. With this lure, you can find fish quickly and consistently throughout the water column, whether they’re at the weed tops or holding bottom.



Siek | Skiper Lure | 7cm

Siek Woblery Trout Fishing Lure

This polish designed Trout fishing lure is designed for twitching and more. A wobbler of delicate work, jerking we make the jumps "away" to the sides, strongly side-to-side flashing swimming action. It can be used to catch trout, jazz, clench, perch, sore as well as pike. Perfect Trout lure for your days out


Ryuki | 80s | Spearhead

Trout Fishing Ireland Ryuki Lure


The Trout fishing lure you didn’t know you needed. The developmental concept for the “Spearhead Ryuki 70S and 80S” were to capture the middle to large size main-stream rivers targeting various species of trout by casting down-cross. The semi-long lip to grip the water and flat-side body with low center of gravity fixed weight settings have equipped the lure with a high level of swimming performance in the strong flow of the main stream. Its action initiation is prompt and can handle consecutive twitching through the rod work. Some lures loose the casting comfortability through the increased body size of the lure, but by controlling the height of the body, we have managed to realize the top of the range castability. Ryuki 70S will show its true strength against the Seema in the main-stream, Red spotted masu trout and the very selective Cherry trout. It has awesome swim balance in order to tackle the intricate flow of the stream while tracing the bottom to middle range depth.


Dorado | Classic Floating Lure | 5cm | BKK Hooks

Dorado Fishing Tackle Lures

This Trout lure goes under the radar a lot. The Classic series has been known for decades for its shape and universal use. A wide range of sizes and colours will allow you to choose a bait, both for a specific fishing method and according to the preferred species of fish. The smallest models (4; 5 cm), we recommend mainly to chub, trout and perch hunters. They work perfectly both in rivers and in stagnant water. The average size of the Classic (7.9 cm) is an excellent lure for walleyes, zanders and large specimens of trout. The largest size (11, 15) should be in the arsenal of every hunter of large pike, pikeperch and Danube pike. These lures are great for both traditional spinning and trolling where the depths are not too deep.


Kinetic | Sweeper | 70mm | 5g

Kinetic Sweeper Trout Fishing Lure

Get more bites when fishing small waters with the morsel-sized Kinetic Sweeper crankbait. Just right for trout and perch in creeks, ponds, and lakes. Unique action. Choose between 5 life-like colours. Match the hatch! This is a Lead-free ABS Trout Lure with D3 Holographic eyes, Stainless Steel Split rings and Mustad Hooks.


Hopefully post will help you with the opening trout season. We focused more on wobbler lures for Trout fishing as they seem to be performing better and better. You can look at all of our wobbler lures available for Trout fishing by clicking here.