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Hunting Clothing Ireland

Hunting Clothing & Accessory Necessities

What Hunting Clothing and clothing and accesories do you need when out for the day in Ireland? 

When you're out hunting you need the right hunting gear. In this article we are going to focus on the right hunting clothing and clothing accessories. We will focus on Hunting accessories in a separate post. In short; you need the following Hunting clothing & accessories when our for the day;



Hunting Jackets

With the main seasons for hunting kicking off in September in Ireland; the weather is starting to turn, days are getting darker earlier; they are getting colder and obviously in Ireland the weather is always wet. So you need a hunting jacket that will endure all of these conditions. A good Hunting jacket will be comfortable and protect you from the elements. We wrote a separate post on how to pick the best hunting jacket for you; you can see it by clicking here.

 Hunting Jackets Ireland


Hunting Trousers

Listen lads, sorry to tell you but you need to wear pants when hunting. Can’t just be running around out there with no pants on. But Hunting pants in particular need to serve the same purposes a Hunting Jacket does. Hunting pants need to protect you from the Wet and also be breathable so you don’t get damp from your own sweat. Hunting Pants should be durable so they don't get ruined when out in the wilderness, waterproof, breathable and have multiple pockets to allow you to carry your gear.

 Hunting Trousers Ireland


Hunting Boots

Given that you are out for long periods and covering a lot of ground; you need to look after your feet. So again we revert back to comfortability, durability and waterproof. Your boots need to by waterproof so you are not walking around with two Ice blocks by the end of the day. The proper boots will keep your feet well insulated throughout the day and be a nice fit. Check out the Hunting boots we have on offer here


Hunting Boots Ireland


Hunting Gaiters

Hunting Gaiters help block water and debris from getting into your hunting boots when out in harsher environments. Hunting Gaiters are also brilliant for keepin your Hunting boots in good condition and not getting marked or torn by bryers or bushes. Your Gaiters should be made from material that is waterproof and also silent so you are not making too much noise.


Hunting Gaiters