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Dennett | Rapid Feeder Large

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Rapid Feeder Large 30G

Rapid Feeders

The new ‘Rapid Feeder’ has become the automatic choice for both match and pleasure anglers fishing the lakes and rivers across Europe. Designed in conjunction with Irish International Cathal Hughes, the feeders can be used straight from the pack with no fiddly alterations needed.

The weight forward design is perfect for casting in all weather conditions and it’s aerodynamic shape is ideal for accurate distance casts. Due to the large side opening, the feeder empties extremely quickly and the attachment swivel completely eliminates tangles.

The ‘Rapid Feeder’ comes in five body sizes:

Mini: 29mm x 19mm
Small: 40mm x 20mm
Medium: 45mm x 23mm
Large: 52mm x 26mm
Extra-Large: 63mm 31mm

Each size is available in many weights in order to suit any angling situation.

A word from Cathal Hughes on the Feeder,

The Rapid feeder has revolutionised feeder fishing not only in Ireland but across Europe and has become the number one feeder choice for many of the World’s top feeder anglers.

Gone are the days when the angler needs to adapt and modify feeders, The Dennett Rapid feeder is ready for use straight off the tackle shop shelf. The massive range of sizes and weights cater for all feeder fishing situations and varying weather conditions.

From the massive Jumbo feeder which is ideal for the initial baiting up of a swim, right through to the mini Rapid feeder there’s a size and weight to suit every eventuality.

The large size feeder, this is great for Summer and Autumn days when the fish are feeding aggressively and the angler is required to feed generous amounts of bait in order to keep the fish happy.

The medium feeder is possibly the most popular size and is the ideal all-round size. The Small Rapid comes into its own when the fish don’t require much feed or when casting massive distances.

The mini Rapid has gained quite a cult following amongst top speed anglers, this is because its size allows regular casting without over feeding the fish.

Because the Rapid feeder releases almost no feed as it falls through the water, it concentrates all feeding fish on the bottom, which is exactly where the feeder angler wants them to be.

Generally, the feeder is first filled with loose offerings such as chopped worms and casters and then the opening plugged with groundbait which keeps the feed in the feeder until it reaches the bottom.

Of course the feeders also work perfectly well when filled with a ‘normal’ feeder mix of loose offerings and groundbait mixed together. In fact filling the Rapid feeder in such as way is deadly when roach are the target.

Once on the bottom, the feed will exit the feeder slowly. Product testing showed that when filled correctly, the feeder completely empties once the feeder is moved, either by a little flick of the rod or on retrieval.

The dome shaped weight positioned on the base of the Rapid feeder makes casting effortless and certainly aids accuracy. The front loading also benefits when fishing in a side wind as the aerodynamic shape of the Rapid feeder cuts through the wind as if it wasn’t there.

The generous sized swivel at the top of the feeder completely eliminates line twist and lets the angler retrieve at a fast pace without having to worry about the rig spinning up. Thankfully, there’s no special rig needed for the Rapid feeder to work effectively, just attach it as you would any other feeder.

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