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Milfoam | Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam

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Milfoam Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam is the most modern way for cleaning the barrel - just enter it into the barrel, wait until thick, white foam fills it entirely and just let it work for 20-30 minutes, then remove it with a wick. The foam turns blue while reacting with copper, and it becomes black while in contact with gun powder and carbon. After the barrel is perfectly clean (in some cases very polluted barrels may require repetition of the cleaning process), it is enough to use Milfoam Forrest Oil for perfect barrel preservation.

Advantages over other solutions:

  • completely odorless,
  • does not contain ammonia,
  • does not emit any toxic fumes,
  • does not cause steel corrosion,
  • one product to remove gun powder, copper and carbon residues along with other pollutants,
  • easy distribution – working right after application,
  • very dense, does not cause leakage, covers the complete barrel (360 degrees).

The foam was tested, approved and gained positive feedback from Polish WITU (Military Institute of Armament Technology). It is widely used by military forces and police all around the world. The foam has NATO Stock Number (NSN).