PineTech Wash In Cleaner Detergent

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Product Description

WASHING AGENT FOR FUNCTIONAL GARMENTS - The ordinary washing powders used in most households today are founded on outdated chemical technology. This technology does not cater for today’s technical membranes and functional garments. These washing powders lower the positive characteristics of the membranes. Our Wash-in-cleaner is a fluid washing agent which is the result of modern technology and gives better results on modern functional garments and fabrics. It is also water based and environmentally friendly. The Wash-in-cleaner does not affect the membrane’s breathability and can be used on all synthetic and natural fibres. 300ml.

- New improved technology
- Maximum washing results
- Anti-bacterial
- ISO 14001 eco-certified
- Recommended for Gore-Tex® (Gore-Tex is a registered trade mark for W.L. - Gore and Associates)
- Neutral pH