Savage Gear | 4D | Perch Shad | 23cm

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Product Description

The fourth dimension has been created with detailed Photo Chrome printing technology and strikes with provocative odor! The details are so incredible and authentic that it is impossible for predators to do brutal attacks! The color of each lure is tested and fine-tuned to perfection, and the added DNA smell gives you an extra advantage when conditions are difficult!

The diameter of the Vieheen Line-Thru channel is bigger, so it is easy to replace the wand. There is a Carbon49 Flush Line Modifier with a lock in the draw. The details of the 4D Perch are staggering and there is also a place for a spoiler, for example. Perfect and realistic S-Curve swimming with Photo Chrome print and smell, make this amazing lure even more powerful!

The location of the Line-Thru channel gives the lure a swim that is very close to the right perch. On days when the perch is on the pike menu, this lure catches the real beast!

  • Additional weight included.
  • 4D Photo Chrome Print
  • Impulsive odor
  • A place for a racket
  • Line-Thru, where you can easily swap the drop
  • Carbon49 Flush with Line-Thru Modifier Rig and Red Triangle Hook